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Joining Club Matrix

What is Club Matrix?
Club Matrix is a business development program for licensed Salon Owners and Chair Renters who use Matrix and/or Biolage products in their operations.

After successful registration, club members receive points on all Matrix and Biolage purchases. Points can be redeemed for rewards including: classes and events, backbar, salon accessories, professional tools, electronics, and more!

Club members can access their membership 24/7 via our website, to review their tier progress, create wishlists and redeem points.

Visit program Terms & Conditions for additional program details.
What are the benefits of being a Club Matrix member?
You will receive points for all purchases of Matrix and Biolage Products. The more you buy, the more you earn!

Points are redeemable for rewards like events and classes, backbar, salon accessories, professional tools, and more!
Who is eligible to join?
Chair Renters and Salon Owners who use Matrix and/or Biolage products in their operations.
How much does it cost to join?
Joining the program is free! You start earning points as soon as you make a purchase of a Matrix or Biolage product at your distributor.
How do I join?
Join Now! Your sales rep can also help.

The following information is required to successfully register in Club Matrix:
  • Your name
  • Your email address
  • Salon name
  • Salon address
  • Salon phone number
  • Distributor name
  • Other information to better personalize your experience

Points - earning, redeeming, expiring

What are the earning tiers and how can I earn points?

We offer 5 tiers within the program: Friends, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. You will be placed into a tier based on your purchase history.

Once you meet the next tier's purchase criteria, we will automatically upgrade you into that tier. You earn points by purchasing Matrix and Biolage products from your distributor.

How soon can I begin earning points once I’ve joined the program?
You begin earning points once your Club Matrix membership application is completed and processed with all required information.
How much do I have to spend before I start earning points? 
You start earning points on all purchases as soon as you’ve successfully joined the program. 
How long do I stay in a tier? 
You will stay in your tier for the remainder of the year. If your purchases move you to a higher tier, you will be in that tier for the remainder of the calendar year and through December 31 of the following year. For example, you sign up in January 2018 and are automatically registered into the Friends tier. Once you buy $1,500 during 2019, you will be upgraded to Bronze for the rest of 2019 and through 12/31/2020. 
Once I buy enough, do you automatically move me to the next higher tier?
Yes! We will automatically advance you to the next tier once the purchase requirement is met.
Once I move to the next tier, when do I start earning more points per dollar? 
You will begin receiving the next tier’s points immediately after you’ve met the purchase minimum. Once we move you to the next tier, you will earn that tier’s points.
How often are points issued?
Points accrue monthly. Points will appear in the first few days of the upcoming month. 
Am I able to view my points online?
Yes! Visit the Tier & Point History page.
Can I view my tier progress and how much more I need to spend to get to the next tier? 
Yes! Visit the Tier & Point History page for all information related to your points and progress.
When do my points expire? 
Points expire 12 months after they are issued, at the end of the respective month. Example: Your January 2018 points would expire on January 31, 2019. please ensure to check your points expiration schedule, in your account/dashboard  
When do my education vouchers expire? 
Same as the point expiration, any voucher expire 12 months after they are issued, at the end of the respective month. Extension request is not allowed.
How can I redeem my points, and what’s in the points redemption catalogue? Where can I find the catalogue?
We have a large rewards catalogue for you to redeem from – events and classes, backbar, salon accessories, tools and more! Please consult the rewards catalogue to view the most recent offerings and to redeem your points.
What’s in the rewards catalogue? 
We have many options in the catalogue including: backbar, salon accessories, professional tools, events and classes.
If you don’t have enough points to redeem for an event or class in full, we offer open voucher options. This allows you to enter the amount in dollars you would like to contribute in with points towards a particular event.
I use a Post Office Box to get my mail; can you send my redemption orders there?
Orders are shipped via Canada Post or FedEx. As they do not deliver to PO Boxes; please provide us a physical shipping address for redemption orders.
When I can expect my order to arrive after I redeem my points? Am I able to track the order? 
Please allow a minimum of 4 Weeks for your orders to arrive. Items do ship from various warehouses; they may arrive in separate shipments and days.
I received my redemption order and something was wrong, missing or defective. How do I go about resolving this issue?
Please contact us:
email: [email protected]
How do I access my Club Matrix account?
Login to your Club Matrix account. You can also access your account from the professional sections of the brand websites.
Login page
Am I able to update my username, password and other information?
Yes: to update your information, access your Club Matrix account.
Account Info Page
Can I view my tier progress and how much more I need to spend to get to the next tier?
Yes! Visit your Club Member profile to view your tier & point history, as well as view the spend thresholds for each tier. Point and tier activity page


How do I list my salon on the brand Salon Finders/Locators? How do I update my info? 
Salons that reach bronze level will be added to our salon locator, which is updated twice a year. 
Who do I contact if I have questions?
Please reach out to your sales rep or customer service, consult our Contact Us page for more info.
I sold my salon. Can I keep the points, do they go away, or do they go to the new owner?
The Club Matrix account is personal. you should redeem all your points before the salon closure.

Indeed, no points will be transferred. The new salon owner have to open his own account.
I closed my salon or no longer carry your products. Can I cancel my membership? What happens to my points?
Yes, you may cancel your membership at any time. The points you have earned in the past are yours to redeem until the published expiration date(s). We recommend you place one final redemption order before cancelling your membership. 
I want to start buying your products. How can I request a sales rep visit my salon?
Start your account creation and select the distributor matched to your province. A sales rep from the distributor will contact you to discuss account creation.

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